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Rated 1 / 5 stars

Kind of sad, really funny

It seems as if you took everything that makes a story sad, and combined it into one big package, and that makes the story about as sad as a guy getting hit in the face with a rake 20 times in a row. He's in pain, but it's just so ridiculous that you have to laugh. The dad is dead, the mom is dying, and when she dies, the kid has a heart attack. A heart attack out of love? Could you be any cornier? I'm really sorry, but this sucks.


Yes okay, so the story is a little extreme...But hey, I guess all the great books such as Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter with all these magic spells are a bit over the top too right? I'm not saying by any means that my story can even compare to those trilogys, but what I am saying as it doesn't matter how outrageous a story might be, I don't expect everyone to believe it and to be frank, really don't care what you think about it